Landing at the Swintt website, you will be greeted with a message that highlights Swintt’s quality game production, dedication to player engagement, and a promise to deliver sustainable igaming products.  They are quite in their statement, as since their debut in the gaming world in 2019, Swintt has been going from strength to strength, signing up with partners and establishing themselves in a rewarding B2B gambling scene. 

The company that started with just 1 person David Flynn, an ex Jackpot Joy and Nyx Gaming leadership, has now flourished to bring the best of the market all joined up to offer the Swinnt product portfolio, which keeps growing. 

What games does Swintt Offer?

Swintt is quite diverse when it comes to its product offering. Apart from offering your traditional games found at an online casino lobby, they also offer a range of tools to assist casinos in managing their player base and retention, as per the below:

Slot Games - Swintt offers slot games that will tickle everyone’s gaming patterns. The slot machine graphics are quite enjoyable, with themes on offer varying from Norse, Christmas, aliens, warriors, martial arts, Bollywood, classical games, animals, magic, and more. If you happen to want to check out the Swintt site (ENTER SITE LINK HERE), head over to the Premium Games section at the Games area, and here you can try and play new and upcoming games by Swintt. 

Swintt Live - There is a new live game provider in town, and we cannot be more thrilled about it! Swintt has finally joined the live gaming scene, and promises to create heavy competition in the market.  As we bring you this Swintt online review, the new game provider currently offers its partners a limited number of games online, but they promise to bring us much more to binge on in the near future.  Current live Swintt games include American and European Roulette, Baccarat, and  Tiger Bonus Baccarat. If you have never enjoyed playing Swintt Games live, now would be a good time to start, and via your mobile phone may we add.  The game provider offers games that are optimized to be played with one hand via portrait mode, hence expect a good gaming experience if you settle for Swintt Live. The live products from Swintt have been available to online casino partners as of December 2020. 

SwinttGamify - We all know that the traditional straightforward online gaming experience is not for everyone and that some players always strive to add some adventure and spice to their gameplay.  With this philosophy in mind, SwinttGamify was born via the Swintt Team.  Online casinos that opt for the SwinttGamify solution will be able to offer their players the following:

  • A full gamification suite module that includes promotional tools for online casinos partnered with Swintt. 
  • A Tournament and online casino challenges module that offers game milestones, achievements, and also various reel symbols. 
  • Game, Player, and statistical information updates along with a built-in game messaging system. 
  • A fully automated and instant reward delivery system to players, with no manual crediting required by online casino managers. 

What is next for Swintt?

Since 2019 Swintt has established quite a solid reputation in the gaming market. If you ask the team at Swintt what is coming next, they will say Tons!, and we believe them.  As we just kicked off a new year, we expect to see more slot games released from Swinnt, but we feel that this year, their main focus will be to broaden the live casino game offer. Adding poker and maybe some game show games would prove to be quite a competition for current live providers. 

We look forward to another year growing with Swintt!