Fruit Warp slot game is a wonderful creation, launched by the Swedish company - ThunderKick. The slot is unique and is designed like no other, which essentially makes it stand out from others. 

When ThunderKick designed the Fruit Warp slot game they decided to stick to the original idea of using the same fruit from the good old land-based slot machines, which I am sure we are all familiar with. However, the design couldn’t be any further away from the traditional classic fruit slot if Thunderkick tried.  

Unlike the majority of slot games online to play today, Fruit Warp does not consist of reels or paylines. Instead, you can expect to find varieties of fruit floating into the centre of the screen and you are required to three or more of the same fruit to make a winning combination. 

The minimum stake playable to bet is € / $0.10 up to the maximum stake playable of € / $100. Fruit Warp offers players a chance to win up to a maximum of 11,000x your stake placed and has an RTP of 97%. The online slot comes with no reels and is considered highly volatile. 

Please note that the RTP and bet amount may vary slightly depending on the casino you play at, or whether you are playing a demo or real money. 

Bonuses and Features

Unlike many slots, Fruit Warp is not the game to the shower you in multiple different bonuses and feature rounds. However, this does not mean this game does not have anything to make the heart beat faster, or keep you entertained, it does mean that there are still great opportunities for you to win mega!

Portal respin: 

To get a Portal respin you need to pick up 4 of the same kinds of fruit on the screen. When 4 of the same fruits have landed on the screen a respin will be triggered in order to give you a chance to land another matching symbol to unlock the fruit mode. The fruits are worth different values. 

Fruit Mode: 

Get a taste of colourful Fruit mode by matching 5 or more fruits of the same kind. During the Fruit Mode bonus round, you have one life, unless you are able to make it to the heart which enables you an extra free life. A free life is not given on every round and is determined by the fruit which unlocked the round.

During the Fruit Mode, you will have a line of about 2 steps to make your way along. To make a move along the line you need to ensure to land the same fruit on the screen to which unlocked the round. Along the journey, you can collect multiples which are already in place as well as increasing them if you manage to get a winning payline. 

The round is over when you either complete the round or no more fruit matching yours lands on the screen. 

Our Verdict 

Overall Fruit Warp has been one of my favourite games since gambling online. 

Yes, ok it can become tedious playing a slot which only pays out tiny amounts each time, however, when the time comes Fruit Warp sure knows how to pay out good. 

The main aspect which attracted me to this slot was the unique layout. There are no reels and the fruits just float onto the board, hovering in place. 

For new players who have never gambled before, this is a great online slot game to start with. It’s simple mechanics make it easy to understand and follow and when you finally get through to the bonus round that is where the magic starts to occur. 

Sometimes, little can be more and Fruit Warp is a fine example of this. Fancy getting juicy and giving it a spin? Head over to King Billy casino and see what Fruit Warp has in store for you! 

The guide to Fruit Warp

  • Spin: In Fruit Warp, the spin button is the largest circle out of the three on the right hand side.  
  • Rules, and features: To find the information about the rules, features and bonuses you will need to click on the button represented by nine dots in a square shape. You will then be given the option of a trophy which takes you to the bonuses and features or a document logo which will explain the rules. 
  • Bet: You can adjust the amount you bet at any point during the main game. To adjust this you need to select the icon that resembles a poker coin, where it will then show you the option to select from.
  • AutoSpin:  If you fancy a break from clicking or just fancy a change, then you can also set the reels to spin automatically. You can set the amount you wish the reels to spin and when you want them to stop. To select this option you need to click the small circular button with a triangle in the middle next to the Spin.