One of the most prominent and stringent gambling licenses around is definitely the one issues by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. Deemed as the most prestigious gambling licenses to have, the main goal of the UKGC is to create a safe, fun, regulated and fair space for all gamblers to play. 

The UKGC was established in 2007, soon after the 2005 Gambling Act was launched, and the scope of the UKGC is to outline laws and regulations for both online and offline gambling institutions.  This includes online casino, land-based sites including casinos and betting sites, sports betting, bingo and also lotteries. 

Online casinos that would like to start accepting players from the United Kingdom would definitely need to apply and attain a UKGC gambling license, without that seal of approval no players from the UK can be accepted.  On the other hand, operators that hold a UKGC license would need to check various criteria for upholding the UKGC license, some of these provisions include in-depth KYC checks, meeting the promises made to players (payments etc) and making sure that the player is always safeguarded at all times.