In current conditions, the number of payment systems is overgrowing. Most bookmakers strive to provide players with the widest possible choice of existing options so that players can fully concentrate on bets and reduce financial costs when withdrawing wins from their accounts.

Often gambling establishments offer dozens of withdrawal and deposit options, but not all of them are popular among ordinary players. Even though Visa and Mastercard are reliable partners that are familiar to most users, they are not too fast. It is impossible to conduct instant transactions with them, which affects the final popularity of the presented options. One of the most popular payment systems on the market is Paysafecard. This is a new word in terms of reliability, speed and safety of operations.

About Paysafecard

The Paysafecard payment system differs from many similar products - it does not have electronic wallets and accounts. Instead, exclusive vouchers are being used here. These are cards with a 16-digit code. It allows you to increase the security of transactions and ensure their stable and fast flow even under conditions of maximum load on the system. These advantages make this payment system the most popular in Europe.

Now the organization has offices in dozens of countries in various parts of the globe. This is additional evidence of a ramified system, thanks to which it is convenient to transfer funds.

The Paysafecard payment system was founded in 2000. Initially, it developed in its homeland, in Austria, but then the primary attention was paid to the UK market. It uses 23 world currencies, the main of which is the euro. In Britain and several other countries, you can purchase Paysafecard vouchers in selected stores. 

Working with such a card is very beneficial, especially at the initial stage, when its use is entirely free. Then, only after three years of operation, the payment system begins to charge just 2 euros per month. 

Another exciting feature is the fact that Paysafecard can often be found in various online casinos or sports betting sites. This is not surprising, because thanks to such a payment system, you can quickly transfer even a large amount of money.

But that's not all, Paysafecard guarantees the anonymity of transactions. In such circumstances, ordinary players may not worry about the speed, but the safety of all procedures. 

Paysafecard features

Other companies do not offer this format of payments. At Paysafecard, you can be issued a deposit through a unique voucher. Its principal function is a prepayment. The user first deposits funds, after which he can use the voucher at any time of the day. They come in a variety of denominations: from 10 to 100 euros. At the same time, the company does not limit customers and allow them to choose their preferred option quickly. If your financial capabilities are higher than the maximum amount of one-time replenishment, then it's cool to buy a few vouchers.

Cooperation with the payment system is quite simple and transparent. You only need to purchase a voucher that already contains a certain amount of money. Paysafecard provides reliable protection, which contributes to the full safety of the winnings and extensive opportunities for its further use. A special PIN code, which consists of 16 digits, is the basis for the security of your funds at any time of the day. The critical advantage, in this case, is the lack of the need to provide other people with your account number, personal data or additional personal information.

Strengths of Paysafecard include:

  • There is no need to provide personal information. This practically negates the likelihood of fraud against the client of the payment system.
  • Availability. Although Europeans have much more opportunities for its acquisition, users from Russia can also always find an attractive option for themselves. Buying a voucher online now is not difficult, because in online stores you can find hundreds of options for a variety of amounts. Moreover, we should not forget that at the initial stage, its maintenance will be completely free.
  • The convenience of use. This advantage again becomes even more evident for those who are guided by European markets. Now it's easy to find many Internet companies that can conduct settlement transactions through Paysafecard. Moreover, all transactions pass quickly and entirely safe, as you can easily see on a personal example.
  • Safety. This indicator in the presented payment system plays a crucial role. From the first moments of its use, you will understand that there are no dangers here. Anonymity and a high level of transaction security make Paysafecard one of the most attractive payment systems on the market.


We continue our detailed review of Paysafecard with information that the number of customers here is continuously increasing. This is additional evidence that these professionals can be trusted. Despite a large number of users, the system works stably and smoothly. This is extremely important in conditions of peak loads, which often coincide with famous sporting and economic events. All the advantages presented contribute to the formation of a positive image of the payment system among users.

Disadvantages of the Paysafecard

Such advantages do not mean that Paysafecard does not have its drawbacks. No one is safe from them, even a reliable and proven payment system. The main disadvantages are the costs. For example, if the available financial resources were not used during the year, then a commission is imposed on them. Moreover, it can be quite high. It depends on the number of voucher pin codes that are added up, and the final result is obtained. Of course, on the one hand, this contributes to the implementation of profitable financial transactions together with Paysafecard, but on the other hand, it will not work to accumulate funds.

The next serious limitation of Paysafecard is the complete impossibility of transferring funds to a bank card. Paysafecard is not to be found everywhere, although the number of offers is regularly increasing. However, the inability of such an operation is understandable. The fact is that the system uses only voucher cards, and other personal data is not indicated. Paysafecard is not going to change the existing policy, which also contributes to active cash flow precisely within the payment system.

Use of the Paysafecard system in online casinos and bookmakers

Playing with bookmakers is extremely simple. It is enough to know their details to transfer the necessary amount as soon as possible. As for the withdrawal of winnings, it usually also takes a matter of seconds. The main thing is to know in advance that Paysafecard works there. Among the unpleasant surprises may be a large commission for the operation.

To make a deposit, you will need to enter the required amount. As for the password, it is entered at the discretion of the client. Practice shows that even without it, settlement operations are entirely safe, and they are not in danger. Then, after performing all these operations, the user must enter the code of the purchased card on the Paysafecard popup page. This completes the payment procedure, after which you can fully enjoy your favourite games.