Sofort Banking is an online payment system that carries out all transactions between users through bank transfers. Besides, the payment system allows you to make purchases on the Internet and pay for services using non-cash payments.

This payment system has gained wide popularity among online casinos, forex traders and companies that provide binary options trading services, online stores, etc. And all because transfers through Sofort are almost instant. 


Sofort was founded in Germany (Munich) in 2005 and initially operated under a different name - Payment Network. With the change of brand, its concept has not changed, and the company still offers its customers products and services for the safe purchase of physical and digital goods on the Internet. 

An essential collaboration for Sofort with one of the largest European banks took place in 2014. They've started working with Klarna, which provides payment solutions for 60 million consumers in 70,000 retail outlets in 18 countries. From this moment, Sofort is part of the Klarna Group and receives support from the bank's specialists at all stages of development.

Features and advantages

Using Sofort Banking service is characterized by the extremely high speed of financial transactions. Also, the company pays special attention to the security of transactions and ensures the safety of personal data of customers. The payment system is certified by TÜV, Germany's largest institute for the study of quality and security, which ensures the highest standard of safety for personal data of customers.

To date, the official Sofort website is available in 14 languages.

The Sofort banking payment system has been distributed mainly in European countries, in particular in Germany, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France. The plans of the payment service to expand the geography of presence, focusing on countries outside of Europe. So far, given the predominant distribution of SOFORT in the European sector, the currency in which all transfers within the system are carried out is Euro (EUR).

As in any similar money transfer service, such a concept as replenishing an account or withdrawing funds from it does not exist here. Sofort acts as a platform that allows you to make money transfers from accounts opened in different banks. Therefore, for cooperation with the payment system, the client is required to have an account with a partner bank of the SOFORT banking system and users will be able to familiarize themselves with the list of available institutions on the company's official website.

Fans of Sofort banking, as we managed to find out earlier, are mainly Europeans. Although this is a very limited circle of users, over the life of the payment system, over 35,000 buyers of online stores, online casino players, forex brokers, etc. have managed to use its services. And this is over 150 million transactions, which makes Sofort banking one of the most popular money transfer systems in Europe.