The Elk Studios company was founded in Sweden in 2012 and as of mid-2016 had only seven slot machines in its portfolio. Till mid-2020 this game provider managed to release 37 games. According to the developers, the company adheres to the rule that it is better to do little, but with high quality.

Elk Studios managed to win the hearts of thousands of players and reach the same level of the well-known developers without a huge portfolio of slot machines. In the first four years of its existence, its developers created only seven slot machines, each of which can be called a work of art.

Note that the slot machines from Elk Studios have unique features that help users increase their chances of winning. So, in several slots, there is a function called Game On. Its essence lies in the fact that after the player has made 25 spins, he is given a bonus in the form of additional free spins. This function can be considered as a kind of replacement for the loyalty program.

Also, all Elk Studios slot machines have a built-in feature called Betting Strategies. Its meaning is that the user can choose one of 4 strategies, and the game will be played automatically according to the strategy.

Optimizer - is a bet in the form of% of the available balance.

Jumper - consists of increasing a player's bet by 1 level after each winning round until four levels are reached above the base bet. Resets after losing.

Leveler - consists of increasing the player's bets after five consecutive losses and is reset to the initial position after winning.

Booster - after each lost spin, the level of the bet rises by one, and after a won spin, it returns to the initial one. This strategy is the most dangerous, since bets will increase by one level after each loss, and at the fifth level, the bet will be fixed until a prize combination falls out.

Naturally, it cannot be said that one of these strategies is 100% winning, if only because the developer proposes them, but in some cases, they can be very convenient.

On the official website of the company, you can find a kind of slogan: "We are ELK Studios, and we build mobile casino games." All games at Elk Studios are developed according to the principle of mobile-first - the method of developing optimized content for various mobile devices. Therefore, all games are lightweight and optimized for use on mobile phones. Slots are launched not only on familiar iOS and Android but also on Blackberry and Windows Phone.