If you have not heard of Net Entertainment do you even play online casino games? 

Net Entertainment was established in 1996 by a Scandinavian company. They have over 20 years experience in the gaming industry, making them the leading provider of digital gaming solutions. 

Each year NetEnt is succeeding immensely in developing and enhancing better quality games, graphics and sound effects as well as marketing. By keeping up to date with the current market, this has enabled NetEnt to give us multiple ways to allow us to play online via different platforms such as; Desktop computers, tablets, and our beloved mobile phones. 

There is very little Net Entertainment hasn’t covered, and everything they have of course has been produced to the highest standards. This includes the live dealers, the different table games - Roulette, BlackJack, Poker, to the progressive Jackpots which have ginormous payouts, and lastly the fantastic, colourful and exciting slot games. 

For over 200 of our favorite fairy tales, movies, TV programs, NetEnt has managed to bring them to life in the online casino world by turning them into one of a kind slot games.  

Live Casino: As many of us players do not have the option to go to a land-based Casino and experience playing on the different table games including Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, it was about time this changed. After a huge amount of players wanting to fulfil the need of experiencing the atmosphere and authenticity of a land-based Casino from their home comforts, NetEnt launched their live casino in beta form In 2013.

By the live casino being launched this enabled players to feel like they are actually at a land-based casino playing these games. It also enables players to be able to interact with the dealers as well as other gamers whilst playing.  

NetEnt’s live casino studio is based in Malta and offers English and Italian speaking live dealers.  Operating 24/7 and using the best technology this allows us to be able to stream in HD without worries of glitching or technical issues occuring during our game play. 

NetEnt Stock Market: One thing many of us may not know is that NetEnt is also part of the Stock market. Since 2007 NetEnt’s shares have been listed on GM Nordic and the Stockholm Stock Exchange, where they trade under the ticker symbol Net B.

During 2016, NetEnt shares were also traded on other market places such such as BATS, BOAT, Turquoise, and many more, totalling up to 130,063,484 NetEnt shares traded on the stock exchange that year. That is equivalent to 63% of the total number of outstanding class B shares in NetEnt, or the combined value of  9.8 billion Swedish Krona which converts to roughly 879 550 000.00 British Pounds

If you are interested in the Stock market then you can also follow NetEnt’s latest reports online, keep up to date with the latest events, find out more about the stock market or even invest yourself. To find out more just click once on the link provided: