This year Germany and its 16 states have agreed that as of the 1st July 2021, a new German License will need to be used by online gambling sites to accept players from Germany. This new licensing framework forms part of the new German Interstate Treaty on Gambling, ISTG in short. 

Operators who currently operate in the German market will be allowed some time to transition into applying the new rules and regulations. A move that the ISTG feel will allow operators to move into the new regulations, laws and compliance, all in readiness for applying for a new German gambling license.   

Opting for a German License will see operators having to split the services they offer with casino and sports still being on the same site.  Marketing casino and sports will also see a massive change and casinos can only offer promotions in line with the players’ gaming patterns. Other regulations include a robust customer verification system will a maximum of 1000 Euros to be deposited per account, a 5-second interval between spins and also a maximum stake of 1 Euro per stake. 

Many gambling sites have already stated that they will adhere to the new German License requirements, whilst others have stated that the ample regulations will kill online gaming.