If you are expecting some magical guide on how to beat a slot machine and clean it dry, then, unfortunately, that is not possible. Unlike certain games such as Poker, where different strategies and techniques are used to win, you can not take the same approach when it comes to slot games. 

After all, if a slot machine was that easy to beat, I think we would all be rich by now from big wins, don’t you?!

With that said, there are various factors you can take into consideration when deciding which slot game to pick. There are several qualities about slot games which can affect and determine the way they and the amount they payout. 

Return To Player

As mentioned above there are several factors which can affect how much a slot machine will pay out - one of those being the RTP (return to player).

When we discuss a slot machine's RTP we are talking about the percentage of money the slot will pay back to players over a certain period of time. This means the more money you wagered on a slot game, the more the machine will pay back to you. 

The Return to Player is calculated on a scale between 1 to 100. Most commonly the majority of slots come with an RTP between somewhere in the 90s, for example: 

The vast majority of slot games come with a similar Return to Player, so picking a game which is likely to pay back (what you have put in at least) is fairly easy to find. 

How to Find the RTP

Although there is plenty of information about slots the game providers do not want us to access easily, when it comes to the RTP this is a different matter. 

The Return to Player percentage can easily be found for the majority slot games and is usually provided to the players in the slots information section. If you have no idea what I mean by this then let me guide you. 

When you open up a slot game somewhere around the edge of the reels you will find a button which is either represented by an ‘i’ or three horizontal lines. 

Once you have selected this button you will be provided with information regarding the slot including the special features, symbols and paytable. This is where you can find out the RTP of a slot. 

Alternatively, you can search for the slot in question in our slot reviews section and find out all the details you require to know about the slot there - simply and easily. 


When discussing slots you will often hear players referring to the volatility or the variance of the game. A slot volatility refers to the “security” or “risk” level of the slot game. 

Our brick and mortar casinos and online casinos are full of slots which come with either a low volatility, medium, high or very high volatility. But what does this mean? Let me explain. 

Low Volatility Slots

If a slot has a low volatility in simple terms this means that your odds of landing winning spins are incredibly high and the machine is likely to pay out frequently. 

This might sound like you just hit the jackpot but, of course, there is a catch... The payouts are commonly of very low value. 

If you are new to all this gambling business, then low volatility slots could be a great place for you to start. These games tend to be simple and easy to get the hang of and treat you frequently. 

Starburst, Thunderstruck ll and Esqueleto Explosivo are three very different slots which all come with a low volatility.

Medium Volatility Slot Games

A slot which has medium volatility will pay out less frequently to a low volatility slot game, however the payouts will be of a higher value. 

Medium volatile slots are usually where things begin to get more fun. Why? Not only are the payout on winning combinations of a higher value, but these slots tend to have more exciting features for you to enjoy and chase. 

Fruit Rush, King of 3 Kingdoms, Tower Tumble and African Stampede are just a handful of medium volatile slots you can get your teeth into.

High/Very High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots as you can imagine are much harder to land a winning combination on. These slots require a high level of patients and time grafting the game, but when the payout finally comes it is rarely a disappointment. 

These slots are usually more thrilling to play as they tend to be more difficult and provide players with plenty of features and opportunities to increase their money dramastically. 

To give you an idea of slot machines which come with a high volatility then Megaway slots and Jackpot slots are a fine example.  

Megaway slots come with 117,649 ways to win and a unique layout which provides you with a great chance to land a winning combination. Some classic megaway games you can enjoy playing include Rick and Morty, Diamond Mine, Bonanza, Extra Chilli and the list could go on and on!

If you fancy having a go at snatching up one of the enticing Jackpot balances then why not try out Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Moolah and many more!

How to find a slots Volatility

Unfortunately, finding the volatility of an online slot machine is not as easy as finding the Return to Player (RTP).  This information is not usually provided by the game providers on the slot games, which is where we come in and help. 

We make sure we include all this important information in our slot reviews, so you do not have to waste time browsing the internet. 

There are many great slot games out there waiting to be played whether they are of low or high volatility. Although there is no specific strategy to winning on slots it is worth taking into consideration the factors mentioned above. 

Are you looking for a quick fix of fun and satisfied to win lots of little amounts? Or are you looking for something to graft for over time?

The online casinos are your oysters, so go wild and why not mix it up and have the best of both worlds.