Extra Chilli Megaways slot by Big Time Gaming

Extra Chilli Megaways is a fantastic creation released in April 2018, by the ultimate Big Time Gaming (BTG) champions. The Mexican themed slot game is designed to look like a scene from a Mexican street market with stalls and carts full of fruit and veg to sell. 

After Bonanza was a massive hit making players lose their minds with excitement,  there is no surprise BTG decided to create another giant hit with the players. Extra Chili can be found in 165+ UK online casinos for us, the player so there is no excuse to miss out on the Extra hot fun!

Extra Chilli is a 6 reel online slot game, which comes with an RTP of 96.19% and up to 117,649 pay lines. The minimum stake you can play is € / $ 0.20 up to the maximum stake of € / $40. The slot offers players a chance to win up to 20,000x.

When creating this highly volatile slot game, Big Time Gaming went out all with the bonuses and features, offering many ways for you to get the opportunity to land that massive megaway payout, although this does not come easy. It can be as painful as biting into a Ghost Chili. 

Please note that the RTP and bet amount may vary slightly depending on the casino you play at, or whether you are playing a demo or real money. 

Bonuses and Features

BigTime gaming really knew how to stir up the pot with the Extra Chili slot game. This slot really does know how to spice up your day, get your blood pumping, and forehead sweating. 

Extra Chili is not an easy ingredient to take on, but once added to the recipe it is sure to add a nice kick to the meal and this is where you can defeat the chili and win the ultimate mega wins!

Extra Reel 

At the bottom of your reels, you will see there is an additional 4 extra reels. The benefit of the Extra Reels is that they add an extra symbol to the reel that it is situated below. The reels that are affected by the Extra Reels include 2,3,4 and 5.


Reactions are triggered by winning symbols. Every winning symbol is part of a reaction and is replaced by symbols coming from the above reels, and from the right in the Extra Reel.


The Scatter symbol is represented by 3 gold symbols each with its own unique letter to spell out HOT.  When you have landed 3 Scatter symbols on the reels so you can spell H.O.T, you will be awarded 8 Free Spins. This will also activate the Free Spins Gamble. 

Free Spins Gamble:

The Free Spin Gamble can be activated by either collecting all the Scatter symbols or simply by purchasing the Bonus round from the top right side of the reels. If you purchase the bonus round you can adjust the amount of the bonus by increasing or decreasing the stake value. Once you have activated the bonus round the Free Spins Gamble wheel will be displayed, giving you the chance to win up to 24 Free Spins!

During the Free Spins Gamble, it is your decision whether you choose to Gamble or Collect. 

If you select Collect, this will start the Free Spins with the current amount of Free Spins you have been awarded. 

If you select Gamble this will spin the wheel. For every successful Gamble, you will be awarded an extra 4 Free Spins to play, as well as the ultimate choice to Gamble or Collect again. This is where you can make big fortunes and are willing to continue to take the risk and Gamble. 

However, if you land an unsuccessful Gamble, this will award the number of Free Spins displayed in black. If a Zero appears, then you have come to the end of the Bonus round.

+4 Scatter:

 A gold symbol displaying a large +4 across it means that every extra Scatter adds an additional 4 Free Spins. 


3 fireworks tied together, ready to explode, means you have discovered the Wild symbol.  The Wild symbol represents any other symbol except a Scatter. 

Free Spins - Unlimited Win Multiplier: 

This is where things begin to get exciting and big wins can be made! During the Free Spins round, every winning reaction adds one extra multiplier each time.

Free Spin Scatters:  

Free Spin Scatters can only land in the 4 extra reels at the bottom of the main reels. Represented by a big gold BTG pot. You need to land a minimum of 3 Scatters to activate the Free Spin Scatter. See below for more details. 

  • 3 Scatters on the extra reels will add 4 extra Free Spins.
  • 4 Scatters on the extra reels will add 8 extra Free Spins

Feature Drop: 

Feature drop symbols can appear at any time on the reels and allows you to buy the feature at any point. This symbol is represented by a BTG gold coin which comes with six different values, ranging from 0.2 up to 2. The Feature Drop can be bought for the price displayed on the Feature Drop bar displayed to the top right of the reels. The main purpose of the Feature Drop is that it reduces the price of the feature purchased by the amounts displayed on the coins. The price reduced is multiplied by the stake.

If you are lucky enough and the balance cost is reduced to zero, then the feature will automatically begin!

Extra Chilli Guide

Feature Buy: The stake alters the value of the Feature drop making it available to purchase from the minimum amount of € / $10 up to the maximum purchase cost of € / $2000.

Spin: To play a Spin you need to click the big rectangular button with the play symbol inside to the very bottom right of the reels.  This will allow you to play one consecutive spin each time it is clicked. 

Auto Play: Auto Play can be set by either clicking the button with 2 arrows pointing in a circular motion above the Spin button or by clicking the blue button with three horizontal lines on it. Once you have clicked on the appropriate button this will display a panel that will allow you to adjust the number of spins to play, loss limit, or a single win limit. 

Auto Play can be stopped at any time by clicking the stop button. 

Stake: The Stake can be increased by selecting the right-hand arrow, or decreased by clicking the left-hand arrow sitting under the Stake value. 

Help: If you require further game information you can find the Help section by clicking on the blue button displaying 3 horizontal lines and then clicking the Help tab. 

Our Verdict 

Overall we think Extra Chilli is on fire with heat. Tedious and frustrating it may be chasing that desirable mega win, but landing one of the bonuses or features sure spices up the game. 

If you are a fan of Bonanza then you are sure to love this megaways game. One thing that keeps us coming back to this amazing slot is the mega wins which offer you a chance to win up to 20,000 times your stake. Just don’t expect them to be handed on a plate to you. 

If you are looking for a slot that is going to give you plenty of payouts quickly, then megaway slots are not for you. Although I do recommend checking it at least once for the thrills. Can you handle the heat of Extra Chilli? Go directly to Crazy Fox Casino and get started!