Who We Are

222.casino is an affiliate site, which is here to provide you with the top and not so great casinos and slot games currently on the market. 

We have ensured to do our research thoroughly, which means we can vouch that the casinos we represent on our site are safe and secure to use. 

We’ve also made sure that all the casinos we have listed on our site hold the correct licenses and understand the seriousness of following and abiding by regulations and policies.

As a dedicated team, we promise that all the information we provide you is up to date and accurate at the time of the reviews being written.   

Our aim here at 222.casino is to help you search for new casinos to register with and discover new games to play - all within a few simple clicks. 

It is important for us that we can guide and assist players to casinos where they can enjoy playing and becoming loyal customers without any doubts, worries or concerns. 

Privacy Policy Purpose

Here at 222.casino, we can ensure you that we have strict Privacy Policy terms in place. 

The Purpose of the Privacy Policy terms is to allow you to understand what information we collect and how it is processed. 

Although we ourselves do not collect private personal information about our players, we do our best to ensure that any casinos we represent are safe and secure.. 

It is important for us to state that this website - Casinopsyco is not for the use of people under the age of 18 years. 

Casinopsyco is currently licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Authorities (MGA). Any changes to our licensing will be updated on our site as well as here in our Privacy Policy terms. 

How 222.casino Protects You

Protecting your personal data is incredibly important to us and yourselves, which is why we only support casinos that we know are trustworthy and reliable. 

We make sure that all our casinos listed on our site comply with the Data Protection Act. 

Depending on the casino you choose to register an account with, the terms of their Privacy Policy may vary slightly. 

It is important and we recommend that before you register an account with any new casino that read through the Privacy Policy terms before making a commitment. 

If a casino does not provide you with any Privacy Policy terms, it is advised to avoid providing that casino with any of your personal details. 

Why Casinos Request Personal Data

It is nearly impossible to register with a casino without handing over any personal details about yourself. 

The main details you will be required to provide one of our listed casinos include; Your name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender and contact number, proof of documents. 

These details may vary from casino to casino. 

The reason why online casinos request this information is to allow the casino to manage their customer relationships and to abide by licensing and legislation laws. By a casino holding your personal data, allows them to prevent money laundering and fraudulent accounts occurring. 

Who Has Access to Your Personal Details

If one of our casinos from our top list need to process your personal data, they are required to only proceed with your consent. 

In the case, a casino may be required to share your personal data this can only be done with employees for the purpose of developing and improving their services and if they need to share with any third party connections they may have. 

You have the right to request access to any of your personal data a casino holds about you at any times. 

How to check a Casinos Privacy Policy Terms

Depending on which casino you choose to register an account with the Privacy Policy terms may vary. 

The majority of casinos will have a link to the Privacy Policy terms at the bottom of the site in small print. 

Other Casinos may integrate their Privacy Policy terms with their T&C’s. 

If a casino does not display any T&C or Privacy Policy terms, it is advised to avoid the casino for your own protection. 

Always remember… Your safety comes first!