Curacao e-gaming license review

Nowadays, the island of Curacao is considered a trendy offshore zone, the regulatory commission of which offers licenses for gambling on advantageous terms.

The island of Curacao is an autonomous state; it is part of the Antilles, washed by the Caribbean Sea. In this region, the conditions for conducting business in an international format are quite stable and calm from the point of view of economics and politics. Various companies have successfully used this state of affairs.

Gambling licensing in Curacao has many advantages that motivate business owners to apply to this particular jurisdiction. A gaming license is issued by the Ministry of Justice of the island.

Features of the tax policy of Curacao

  • The owner of a gambling establishment pays a single profit tax of 2%.
  • Rates, sales and import duties are not subject to any fees.
  • There is no value-added tax.
  • Reports to the tax authorities and financial statements are provided annually.
  • Dividends can be withdrawn in unlimited amounts.

As you can see, the conditions for conducting a gambling business are as profitable and straightforward as possible.

Gaming License Curacao

The main advantage of a casino license in this jurisdiction is the fact that it is not issued separately for each business, but for all types of gambling-related activities: entertainment clubs, online casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms, sweepstakes, and so on.

In addition to a gaming license for a casino, you can also purchase sublicense here - when the owner of a casino domiciled on the island issues a permit to another person.

Private companies that are engaged in licensing the gambling business also work in Curacao; their services relate to absolutely all issues of gambling. They guarantee the high speed of paperwork and take all the work on the process of acquiring a gambling license of Curacao.

Benefits of Gaming Licensing in Curacao

  • acquisition of official legal status;
  • the opportunity to become a partner of a European bank;
  • guarantee of high-quality gaming equipment;
  • high efficiency of obtaining a gambling license of Curacao (2-6 weeks);
  • minimum documents and simplicity of the process;
  • image strengthening due to the high reputation and reliability of jurisdiction;
  • income tax is the lowest in comparison with other jurisdictions - 2% of profit;
  • high-quality gaming software;
  • loyal gambling legislation;
  • the ability to conduct business remotely in an international format without opening an office in Curacao.

To buy a license for a casino, you need to follow a specific algorithm of actions. So, it should be clarified which documents to send to the commission.

Documents submitted to the jurisdiction of Curacao to obtain a license for gambling:

  • copies or scans of passports of the founders of the company;
  • copy of the charter of the company;
  • letters from banks (certified by a notary), indicating the presence of accounts and a certain amount on them;
  • copies of documents on payment for housing and communal services for the last three months, confirming the presence of a legal address;
  • a document certifying the absence of a criminal record in the previous three months;
  • casino software quality data;
  • copy of the business plan with information on expenses and future income;
  • documents confirming the presence of the casino site, domain name and affiliation of their company (legal entity);
  • application for a gambling license.


What types of gaming licenses are available in Curacao?

A direct online casino license issued to the operator of a gambling establishment is approved subject to registered services, the presence of which the business owner must confirm with documents to the commission. It is also necessary to indicate the units managed by partners who work under the name of this operator, and he is responsible for their activities to the jurisdiction. Additional services connected to the initial partner by new suppliers are checked in the same order as the main one.

A sublicense is issued to a partner who wishes to obtain a gambling license from a provider (operator, supplier, etc.) that already has a gambling permit. The partner turns to this operator, then fulfils all the requirements according to the gaming license of Curacao. The invoice for payment of the document issued by the commission is received by the operator and forwards to the partner. Here we note that the licensee has the right to domicile their company in another jurisdiction.


Jurisdiction in Сuracao

It is worth talking about the advantages of the licensing authority in Curacao, which put it in a leading position in the list of costs compared to other countries. Buying a license for a casino in this jurisdiction means getting a real bonus in the gambling business.

First of all, this is an individual approach to each potential licensee, especially to those providers who operate multi-player gaming networks that require the placement and promotion of several brands.

Another advantage was the offer of high-quality technical capabilities and compliance with international standards, while the client's equipment should be located on the territory of the island of Curacao. This factor allows the provider to actively attract new partners and customers without focusing on technical issues.

Jurisdiction at the request of the client can develop the whole turnkey package of online casinos, integrating all the well-known and popular payment systems - Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and others.

An undoubted advantage is a fact that any business owner has the opportunity to obtain a license no matter where he is registered - the main thing is that all the requirements of the commission are met.

Curacao has an essential regulatory body that regulates gambling activities throughout the state. This is the organization called "National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard". All licensees must comply with the organization's requirements.

Summary based on the previous said: the gaming license of Curacao gives many excellent opportunities to each licensee, making their business profitable.