VISA card in online gambling

Back in 1958, the first BankAmericard card was issued in the USA. With the growing popularity of this payment card, BankAmericard Service Corporation was established to maintain and develop this card, as well as to sell licenses to other banks for issuing payment cards. BankAmericard Service Corporation was an association of banks. However, the United States was not trusted in some regions of the world because of the Vietnam War. This, in turn, did not contribute to the development of this payment system and could have limited its activities.

Therefore, the decision was made to find a new name for it. The short and concise name "VISA" was then introduced. This name was convenient for processing, and it sounded the same in all languages, had no meanings. The first transaction with a card with a new logo was carried out on July 26, 1976. Now the association includes two companies: Visa Inc. (USA, Foster City), which owns all trademark rights and applicable technology, and Visa Europe Services Inc. (UK, London), which is managed by European banks and operates under the use of Visa Inc. licenses.

And so - VISA is an international payment system and specializes in transactions in dollars, i.e. all currency conversions are made through the dollar. It is supported in 200 countries.

Visa cards can be ordered at almost any bank. Many of us pay with it for our purchases in stores, pay bills on the Internet, and buy tickets. 

Advantages of the Visa payment system:

- Prevalence

- Round-the-clock transactions

- Fast and simple transactions

- Available on any online gambling site

- Instant crediting of the funds to the player's account 

When using this payment system for online gambling, you should consider the following information:

- Depositing with VISA is instant, but withdrawals to your card can take from 3 up to 5 days;

- Before entering your bank card details, you should make sure the site is trustworthy so that online fraudsters cannot steal your card details;

- Get familiarised with the commission rates - sometimes they can be quite high.