Roulette was born in France in the 1800s and the rest is history. The process of roulette is unique. Playing at a live casino, the dealer will ask everyone to place bets.. This is where your and the other players will place your stake, all based on your guesses. Once the dealer announces no more bets are being accepted, the wheels start spinning, landing on a specific number. Will it be red or will it be black? You have to guess where the ball will land from 0 t0 36. The winners guessing where the ball lands will take home a win. 

When playing at an online casino, you have the facility to hit the repeat bet button, and enjoy another round with your bet. Many betting options are available including outside bets, red / black, inside bets, split bets and more. In total there are over 20 types of roulette bets. 

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